Graphics and articles for the favourite website of Dutch high school students

Having 2.2 million unique visitors each month, is the most popular website amongst high school students in the Netherlands. They use the site for help with school assignments and to read columns and interviews on the blog.

I combined editorial work with photography for articles, and designed lay-out elements, graphics and books based on the visual identity made by GRRR.

Contribution: visual design, editorial, photography

Blogs & images

Lay-out elements

For the study choice special I designed a set of icons and several interface elements

Book design brought book reports to the web in 1997. To celebrate the anniversary, the best blogs were bundled in a real book. Back to where it all started.

“I recommend Joca to all his future clients. For his talent and enthusiasm and for being a really nice colleague to work with.”

- Chris Heijmans, editor in chief

Special thanks to

Nick van der Horst, Kim Einder