Making dance movements part of group music improvisation

Improvised jam sessions started the development of Massine: a musical instrument that gives dance a bigger role in group improvisation, making it easier to participate for people who aren't experienced musicians.

Dancing with Massine will activate sound effects on nearby musical instruments. A jump for example, triggers an automatic change in tuning on a modern guitar, which is designed by other design students.

In collaboration with Bart Leeuwenburg & Linde van Beers
Contribution: hardware design, technology, video, concept

“A curious, engaging and beautifully crafted object.”

- Izabela Boloz, project coach

Simple working prototypes and user tests helped to evaluate new iterations of the concept quickly

After laser cutting a lattice hinge pattern, the body is made by folding the wood. It gives Massine its distinct ethnic look.

Special thanks to

Broeinest Eindhoven, Liam McCall, Diederik van den Brandt, Nine Sellier