COMA Studio

A customization service focused on functional and sustainable bags

Does your bag fit your stuff? Your notebook may fit perfectly, but that doesn’t leave any space for a charger, or a secret compartment for your valued Pokémon cards.

COMA Studio is an online platform to create bags with custom pockets for your daily items. The bags are made from the fashion industry’s leftover materials, using digital fabrication technologies.

In collaboration with Emma Disbergen & Carola Brus
Contribution: concept, UX design, visuals

“The level of execution and detailing of the overall look and feel of the project was very high.”

- Stephan Wensveen, project coach

The first product made for the service is the 'Met Nut' bag, which is Dutch for 'with utility'.

It reflects the vision of this project to offer a well-thought selection of choices in the customization. All focused on functionality and sustainability.

infographic by Emma Disbergen

Special thanks to

Loek van Haaster, Manon Blankendaal, Troy Nachtigall